Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

"Shame is the cousin to guilt, yet neither have any relationship with Christ.”


So glad that finally, this week, I’m reaching out to you lovely Spanish speakers. Now the inspiration is zipping through cyberspace hoping to land in your inbox. So if you speak Español, check blurb below.

Hey dear friends and amigos: Do you know anyone who speaks Spanish and might want a bit of inspiration, too? Please consider sending them this blurb: it's an invitation to receive our Spanish blog emailed directly to them.

Cuando la vida se pone más difícil. Cuando ya no soportamos mas momentos de dolor, Dios esta aun a tu lado.

Y para brindarte un mensaje de inspiración, de aliento y de sabiduría durante estos momentos  difíciles, te invito a inscribirte a mi boletín de inspiración.

Los pasos son fáciles. Simplemente da un clic aquí:

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Sirviéndote siempre con cariño y fervor.



This week's video: When problems seem to pour, where do we find protection? Find out in this ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


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