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Hey, so glad you’re here …

…if fear kept you awake last night, and anxiety with stress invades your life,
you came to the right place


Because the world is upside down, allow me to offer you and your group a new side of hope and a fresh way to rise above these chaotic times. With proven paths, I’ll guide you to defeat fear and overcome stress and worry. I’ll teach you the same path that took me from fear to faith, to success and confidence. Initially, I feared that blindness at 30 would stop me from a full life of abundance. I worried that the tragic loss of my son to violence would erase hope of happiness and joy. I dreaded living a life with injustice when the man responsible for his death was acquitted. And when my husband left me, I fought anxious moments that rejection brought.

My life might seem one of adversity. But through God, my story shines with victory and joy. That’s why for 20 years, I’ve dedicated my life to show you, no matter what setback you’re facing, how victory is won, how fear is overcome and how true richness in life is found. I believe your own success, victory, and triumphant life are only as close as your determination and faith. My commitment to you is to prove how adversity doesn’t have to stop you and situations out of your control don’t have to slow you down.

Thank you for allowing me to come along side of you. While the rest of the world is sinking in fear, together we’ll find that unique path that allows you, members of your faith-based organization or business to soar to personal triumph and professional success.

As a speaker, I’d love to team up with you to bring a unique success to your next event.


Now I See – Just Released

“This captivating journey from tragedy to triumph through perseverance and deep faith in God will stir your heart and transform how you navigate life’s trials. Unthinkable challenges and unexpected adversities.”

— Jason Noble, pastor, and motivational speaker, featured in the Twentieth Century Fox film Breakthrough and on the marketing team for the Kingdom Story film Jesus Revolution.   

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Speaking - Faith Based

While our world shakes with fear, God’s Word stands firm: “Be not afraid for I am with you.” I'd love to team up with you and make this truth come alive before your congregation or women’s event. Here’s how we can make this happen.

Speaking - Corporate Events

The workplace is not the same anymore. These chaotic times keep many from reaching excellence. Today, leaders are only as effective as their ability to rise above negativity and overcome adversity.

Here’s how we can partner together and provide that path to your leaders.

Janet's Books

I fill the pages of my four books with a bit of sass and a friend-to-friend style, but with life-changing guidance for you to begin a life of significance and abundance.

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