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I’m Janet Perez Eckles—dedicated to igniting in you a passion to overcome your struggles.


I invite you to take a break from this chaotic, dark world. In the pages of my books, you’ll find proof of God’s power to heal and restore. Through my keynote messages, you and your group will be lifted up with unexpected humor, practical steps, and stories of victory. And through my videos, you’ll be entertained enough to see the lighter side of life.


I can offer this to you because I’ve crossed the bridge from adversity to victory. Some have said I should be sinking in the mud of misery—blindness at 30, the murder of my son, the acquittal of the man responsible, and the death of my 42-year marriage. But that’s not the case. Instead, I dance on the platform of gratitude…because of Christ Jesus who ushered in fresh joy within beautiful victories.


Now it’s your turn to welcome the same kind of triumph that’s framed with purpose, confidence, and sweet expectations.


No matter what you face, you’re no longer alone. Together we’ll walk toward your triumphant outcome. I invite you to begin by taking in the inspiration prepared for you in these pages!


Now I See – Just Released

“This captivating journey from tragedy to triumph through perseverance and deep faith in God will stir your heart and transform how you navigate life’s trials. Unthinkable challenges and unexpected adversities.”

— Jason Noble, pastor, and motivational speaker, featured in the Twentieth Century Fox film Breakthrough and on the marketing team for the Kingdom Story film Jesus Revolution.   

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Speaking - Faith Based

While our world shakes with fear, God’s Word stands firm: “Be not afraid for I am with you.” I'd love to team up with you and make this truth come alive before your congregation or women’s event. Here’s how we can make this happen.

Speaking - Corporate Events

The workplace is not the same anymore. These chaotic times keep many from reaching excellence. Today, leaders are only as effective as their ability to rise above negativity and overcome adversity.

Here’s how we can partner together and provide that path to your leaders.

Janet's Books

I fill the pages of my five books with a bit of sass and a friend-to-friend style, but with life-changing guidance for you to begin a life of significance and abundance.

Choose the title that’s just for you here.

Recent Blog Posts

Fear - Anxiety

This is how you overcome stress, sadness, and worry.

A few weeks back, hubby and I got busy preparing our trip from Orlando to Lexington. “Honey,” he said, “I’m concerned we won’t make it to our connecting flight. We only have 30 minutes and the gates are in opposite sides of Charlotte’s airport.” I gave him a silly grin. “No worries, God’s got this.” We boarded the plane, but the flight was late in departing. That meant we only had 20 minutes to meet our next flight. The minute we landed, we jumped to...read more
Encouragement - Victory

Avoid pitfalls and pain with these three steps.

I confess. Sometimes my pride blinds me from taking the route to success. But in this case, humility and wisdom won. It’s your keyboard,” my friend told me. “You need to do something about that.” At first, I didn’t listen to her. She warned me again, actually, she insisted on it. But did I listen? No. Then my shoulder started to feel a tad inflamed. I realized the reason: my keyboard was so worn, the keys were stuck, requiring me to press a lot harder than I should. Finally, I...read more

What kind of prayers does God really answer?

How much we labor in our prayer time has nothing to do with Labor Day. Recently while a pastor taught this topic, some of us squirmed in our seats. “When we ask God for blessings,” he said, “we often repeat mousy petitions.” Mousy petitions? He explained the prayers we blurt out often carry doubt. We lack the reassurance that God will grant what we ask. They repeat the circumstance, not the victory we can count on. They mention the dark side, and fail to declare God’s triumphant...read more

Janet Shares Excellence

Janet’s been called a powerhouse of motivation. Janet Perez Eckles earned that label through her work as an author, international speaker, radio host, and founder of JC Empowerment ministries. She has...




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