Saturday, November 28, 2020

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"The saddest thing is not taking our last breath when we die, but letting our passion die while we're still breathing."


Hubby and I counted on a nice weekend away. And living in Florida for many years, we know can rely on nice weather even in winter. We loaded up the car including hat, suntan lotion and sunglasses, then headed to Daytona Beach. The hotel room was comfortable and equipped with a microwave and small fridge. We slid open the large glass door and heard the swoosh—the swoosh of the ocean waves.

But within a few minutes of sitting on that balcony, the wind dropped the temperature to an uncomfortable chilliness.

But still, we bundled up and headed for a walk on the beach. I’m smiling on this picture because I had no idea that a cold rain was about to come down. And it did, leaving us wet.

Isn’t that like life? Rain of adversity shows up uninvited. But we can count on God’s Son who will shine solutions sooner or later.


This week's video:  Are you focused on seeing the results of tough situations? Or are you listening to His thoughts? Check out this ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


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