Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!


...things got better!

 I now have a list of very, very special friends and you're one of them! Thank you for that gift.


We live in a hurting world...

...and what an honor to reach out to others with the hope of Christ. How am I doing that? Through more aggressive efforts using social media to share that hope with those who walk through life while dragging the chains of discouragement. Please consider connecting with me on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (available on my website.)


Janet's Words of Inspiration

"The joy of success is long-lived when fed by gratitude."


Janet's Latest Blog Post

One thing you must do before you turn your problems to God.

Does God care about the details of my life, in the obstacles I face, and the degree of my suffering? The answer was obvious to me until I had an accident. Hubby and I decided that juicing was a good step to a healthier life. So prepared with the brand new juicer, I pulled organic veggies from the fridge, and …

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