Monday, November 30, 2020

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The journey from valleys to mountaintops.

When tears flow, and laughter echoes, the heart is touched. God smiled at me during my last visit to McAllen, Texas where I addressed 200 women. As part of my presentations, I put on different hats to illustrate the different personalities God gave us. We all had a fun time. But also I shared the journey from valleys to mountaintops.

Humbled by the response by many of them. But I recall one in particular: A lady hugged me and whispered in my ear “You have no idea, no idea, how liberated I feel after hearing your message.”

How grateful I am for that opportunity. And as always, it would be an honor for me to visit and address your group or keynote your event.



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Three reasons to believe in miracles.

With horrible disasters such as the Nepal earthquake, many doubt God’s presence, His goodness and doubt His ability to perform miracles. “Time for trivia,” my granddaughter said, “Here is the first question: what is the one food that never spoils?” I thought and thought and came up with my three guesses. All were incorrect. “Here is the answer,” she said, “it’s honey. …

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