Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Janet's Words of Inspiration

"God created the world and set the course for man; we create our thoughts and set the course for our attitude."


The other day hubby and I took our routine 30-minute walk in the neighborhood park. “What a bright full moon,” he said.

Even though I couldn't see it, I glanced up. Silly isn't it?

But you know, in life no matter what stuff blinds us or darkens our nights, God still wants us to look up, away from the circumstance and gaze at the light of His hope.

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This week’s video:  Here is a Christmas wish for you. CLICK HERE for a 2-minute video.

Bonus video this week: What do you think my Mom said about the segment filmed by Telemundo? She loved it. Of course, she did; she's my Mom, right?  But those who might be a tad more objective might have a different reaction. HERE is the segment they featured. (p.s. it's in Spanish!)


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