Saturday, November 28, 2020

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What's happening...

With white cane beside them and a can held in their outstretched arm, they sit on street corners. This is the scene in many third world countries. Those who have physical disabilities are often put in a lower class only to be dismissed and disregarded.

I have the privilege of traveling to South America in a few weeks. I’ll be delivering messages about how emotional, physical or mental problems are common, but perseverance is priceless and unique.

The main theme will be how God allows our own weaknesses to remind others of their own strengths.

And what we thought was a trap to defeat us becomes a trap for the enemy so that, in victory, we can be an illustration of hope and healing.

I covet your prayers as I obey God’s calling to serve Him in this part of the world.


Can you turn your life around?

A new month, another season. But some things stay the same. The problems that overwhelm us and the disappointments that barge in still drain us.

In this segment of my radio show, you'll find the reason for these dark moments in your life. You'll learn the path to defeat the forces that might be against you and how to find peace for your life, answers to your problems and solutions to your pain. Pamper yourself for 60 minutes; relax and grab a cup of inspiration. LISTEN HERE.


It’s still hot in Orlando. But when walking through the desert of life, God has just what we need. For you, a refreshing one-minute VIDEO.


How cool can contentment be?

Did you know that, no matter what you face, the main content in contentment is gratitude?

The 4th of July brings reasons to celebrate America’s independence. And every day of the year brings opportunities to thank God for setting us free from the grip of fear and discontentment.

That’s why we celebrate with fireworks of gratitude for these truths:

• Our problems don’t have to rule us, God’s promises should.

• Mourning may come during the night, but joy comes in the morning.

• There is no pain that matches God’s healing

• There’s no fear when we make Him our fortress and refuge.

• God renews all that we surrender to Him.

• God provides enough peace for the moment and enough comfort for a lifetime.

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Gratitude changes our perspective because…

• It’s not about our sorrow, but about His serenity to calm our soul.

• It’s’ not about our worry, but about the wonder of His reassurance.

• It’s not about the impossibilities, but about He who makes all things possible.

• It’s not about our emptiness, but about How He provides all.

As you read this, you might be facing your own heartache. I pray you embrace the God-given contentment knowing His comfort doesn’t delay, His restoration isn’t limited, and His peace is freely given.

Will you choose to receive it?


In the coldness of this world, here’s a warm message for your heart.

“Picture yourself seated in a comfortable chair. A luscious Latin melody dances in the background as you spend a few hours with a dear friend. Her smile embraces you like a warm hug. Her openness encourages you to share your heart. And her words of wisdom challenge you to follow the God of boundless love.

This golden afternoon mirrors the experience of reading Janet Perez Eckles’ Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta.” -- Marti Pieper, Book Doctor/Writer/Editor

Hey friends, your copy of Simply Salsa waits for you HERE.



As always, I consider it a privilege when you ask me to join you in prayer. Please send your prayer requests HERE.


I pray as summer continues, a new, beautiful season for your life begins. As the heat increases, may you fire up your commitment to Christ, your resolve to follow Him, and your determination to find shelter in the shadow of His wings.

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Love you all, Janet