Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Inspiration for You

So glad you decided to take time out from your hectic and busy world. Included here are brief inspirational messages—all to uplift your day


Special month with a free gift for you.

We all have them. Some don’t like them. But I do…I do like it when I’m having another birthday—grateful for one more year of life. And since this is my birthday month, I chose to give you a gift.

If you head to the link below and order one of my books, as a ‘thank you’, I’ll send you a free PDF copy of my book, Hola, Happiness” a lively engaging Bible study with videos to totally inspire your small group or give you the lift you need.

All you have to do is go to THIS LINK to order one of my books. Then send me an EMAIL telling me that you did. (Don’t worry—I work by the honor system.)

By the way, Christmas will be here soon. A book of inspiration, like Simply Salsa, can change a heart. Or consider grabbing a copy of my first book Trials to Triumph for that person in your life who needs their own trials turned to triumph.


Permission Granted: To Receive Joy

“I give you permission,” the Lord whispered one night, “to bring joy back, to laugh again and to begin your praises.”

It’s been a couple of months since my father entered the glory of heaven. And possibly like you, losses in life, painful changes and unwanted circumstances can zap our joy. But when we allow God to take over, He offers His comfort, and we receive it. He promises His provision, we embrace it. And when He gives us renewed hope, we put our arms around it and we can dance to the melody of joy once again.


Something to make you sign with encouragement.

“I hate this,” I thought when the announcement of our first grandchild came years ago. I dreaded my days as a blind grandma. What could I possibly offer—can’t read stories, can’t take her to the park, and can’t watch movies with her.

But then something beautiful happened and our days turned to pure delight.

Read the DETAILS HERE and look for it on page 58. (Note: this link will open a pdf version of the September copy of Book Fun Family. Use the right arrow to forward through pages.)


What? He put his baby in a gallon jar!

Enjoy this inspiring true story from my friend, Lou Vickery, author of soon to be released, Reaching Beyond: How to Jump Over Hurdles and Land on Success.

Lou writes:

My wonderful mother, Anna Ruth Vickery, is approaching her 95th birthday. Every day the weather is nice, you will find her working in her garden.

Mother was the sixteenth child born to William and Emma Wise. That’s right, number 16. All single births.

It is estimated that mother was born almost three months premature and weighed less than two pounds at birth. This was in 1923, long before incubators and top-notch neonatal care.

The doctor told my grandparents the child would not survive. My grandfather wouldn’t buy it. He was determined that he would do everything possible to give his child an opportunity for life.

He took a big-mouth gallon jar, packed cotton in the bottom, placed his newborn daughter in the jar, and put a kerosene lantern next to the jar.

Poppa William created his own incubator for his daughter. Daily he would change the cotton in the jar. He and Granny Emma fed the child with an eye drop.

It was slow go at first. But then mother turned the corner, and begin to grow and develop.

My grandfather could have taken the doctor’s advice and given up hope. But he didn’t. That is a special kind of love…one that every parent and grandparent could take to heart.

Note from Janet: For you and for that tiny baby who’s now 95, God has the same message: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)


Sometimes, the deepest pain turns to triumph.

This is your hour to be encouraged. Bring your tissues, sit back, relax and be prepared to listen to a powerfully inspiring story by Carol Kent…you might have heard about her and her victory over the unthinkable.

Treat yourself to Godly encouragement during my radio show, “Sweet Talk with Janet and Heather” HERE.


Can we meet?

On Sunday, November 4, I’ll be speaking at the four services at Greeneway Church in Orlando, Florida. If you’re in the area, come and visit so we can meet. I promise I’ll deliver a message that God has prepared in my heart. You’ll leave confident, empowered and equipped to turn your fear and worry to confidence, trust and security.

For more information, please visit their WEBSITE or call the church office at 407.240.5442.


Boasting in the Lord.

At first, I anguished at the news my oldest son Jason inherited the retinal disease that took my eyesight. But God’s anointing is upon him. And I’m humbled with gratitude. This brief Facebook video will show you why. CLICK HERE


May I pray for you?

First, please know that it’s a profound blessing to pray for you. Please continue to send me your requests HERE.


That I’m deeply blessed to have you as my readers, my friends and my inspirational family?

I rejoice for the blessing you are to me and I commit to pray for you as you read these words.

Until next issue…may your moments find hope, your days find you with renewed courage and may each stage of life open a lovely door of victory for you.

Love you all, Janet