Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Video of the Week: Sometimes we just can’t take someone else’s word for it. Instead, we need to take a risk and try it for ourselves. Hubby and I did that the other day. Here’s a TWO-MINUTE VIDEO to show you what that was.


Devastation and heartache is what Harvey left behind. But in the midst of sorrow, God showed up to bring the best in those who risked their lives to help others. They went beyond racial barriers, beyond resentment, beyond political views.

Although flood waters washed away property, admirable courage and endurance emerged.

Here’s an uplifting article with more details:


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“If you walk on the firm foundation of God’s Word, instead of reaching a destination, you will find your God-defined destiny.”


Praying for You

I’m so happy when you write me and give an update to God’s answer to your requests. And any of you who have prayer needs, please send them HERE.


What is the correct way to pray?

September 1, 2017 Do I pray too quick? Too long? Not enough words? Too many words? Is my heart in it? What is the correct way to pray? How much we labor in our prayer time has nothing to do with Labor Day. I just heard a pastor teach about this topic. And admittedly, a few of us squirmed because …

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