Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Video of the Week: You might need this in case you need to draw some encouragement. Find out in this ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


“Let’s pray about the topic for the show,” I said to my radio co-host.

We prayed and asked. Sometimes God reveals what we must address.

Other times like this past week, we had trouble discerning what to discuss on the air. And that’s when the Lord spoke to my heart: “Open your mouth and I’ll place the message your listeners need, give you the illustrations from my Word, and will put in place the format I already designed.”

So that’s how we conduct our radio show, each week. God takes the lead. We pray and trust. We plan and move over for His voice to be heard.

Here’s a SAMPLE.

Want to listen live? Every 3rd Tue. Of the month at link above.


 Words of Inspiration

God said He will fight our battles; we need only to be still (Exodus 14:14).


May I pray for you?

You can count on my prayers as I join you in asking God for each request. Please send them HERE.


Six words that will bring triumph to your trials.

(January 27, 2017) C’mon, put on your big girl pants on, I thought; you’ve done this before. “Would you like some salad?” my missionary friend asked as we sat at the lunch table in the dining area of the camp outside Habana, Cuba. Each meal time brought back memories of my life growing up in La Paz, Bolivia where mealtime …

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