Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Video of the Week:  It’s not what goes in the stomach, but what we put in the soul that gives a healthy look to life.For you, a ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


Last year, the camera crew from Telemundo parked their lights and cameras in my kitchen. They did a segment on me cooking a thanksgiving dinner for my family.

This was one of the questions they asked: “Can you tell our viewers how you are able to live with gratitude being blind?”

“Easy,” I said, “I focus on what I have, not on what I lack. I do love to eat healthy foods, to prepare unique dishes and to try new recipes … that’s a powerful motivator for me. Thus, able or unable to see is only a minor detail.


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“A heart of gratitude is the gate to greatness.”


May I pray for you?

I continue to pray for you. Please send your prayer requests HERE.


Still in the Thanksgiving mood?

Anyone out there still in the thanks-giving mood? Can you send me something you’re grateful for? The most unique answer will get a CD of my most popular keynote message. (U.S. and Canada only please.)

Never say never

One word that brings the forever kind of joy.

I didn’t know if the turkey or I was more stuffed. I cleared the dishes from the table and pulled out the variety of pies. “Dessert anyone?” I’ll never eat again,” my friend said. “I’m so very full.” “Never say never,” I said. In fact, none of us should ever say never. We don’t know what life will bring. How …

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