Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Video of the Week:  Changes can be delightful or devastating. But they’re all good when you know this truth. For you, a TWO-MINUTE VIDEO.



Recently, I was privileged to bring a message of inspiration to a Hispanic congregation. At the moment when I shared that my vision had closed in completely, as planned, a person turned off all the lights. In chorus, the church gasped.

As I spoke with some attendees, the most prevalent comment was this: “We couldn’t wait for the lights to come back on. It was an uncomfortable feeling not to be able to see.”

“Sure is,” I said. “Life stinks when we can’t see. But more so when we cannot see God’s hand working in our lives, what He’s providing, and the miracles He performs each moment.”

BTW, your ability to read this is only one of your many miracles.


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Meaning is what makes each achievement great.”


May I pray for you?

Praying for you Ann, Lynette, Chris, Lily, Tom, Betty and all those who sent in your requests. Please continue to send them HERE.

Photo Contest

Adding meaning to your life.

Do seniors win contests and prizes these days? They sure do. This one did. The retirement community where he lives had a decorating door contest. So he got on the phone and called his great grandkids, “Will you come and help me decorate my door?” “Yeah!” They did such a good job that great grandpa won for most festive. But …

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