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Contagious Courage
A 30-Day Journey to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Contagious Courage

A 30-Day Journey to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Janet Perez Eckles

  • Do you live under constant pressure?
  • Does it feel like a world of stress and anxiety is weighing down on you?

I’ve been there, too. Stress and anxiety were my constant companions after I woke up one morning, held my hand before my face, and saw nothing. I had no choice but to learn how to face complete blindness. Years later, my youngest son was murdered and the man responsible was set free.

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God’s Triumph
Misery? That’s what awaited me. But instead, because of God’s presence, success, confidence and peace now shine in my life.

Your Triumph
And you can triumph, too. I will show you how. I’m honored to point the way through my writings and presentations as a motivational speaker.

The Highlights
With practical steps you can apply instantly, illustrations to engage you and humor to lighten the moment, you’ll find how:

  • to overcome daily stress and anxiety
  • to fight fear on a daily basis
  • to bring peace in the midst of bad news
  • to feel secure
  • to reach success in spite of limitations
  • to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • to find peace in hardship and uncertainty

What People are Saying about Contagious Courage

Contagious Courage Amazed Me
“Contagious Courage amazed me and provided answers to many of my life’s questions and struggles! I can tell you that it will leave you with a refreshing, engaging and enlightening ‘new look’ at God’s word. I found that Eckles, a physically blind person herself clearly ‘sees’ through the eyes of God And because of that, I was encouraged to cope with my own stress and anxiety. I learned how we must ‘wait upon the Lord’ for answers! I know its message will help anyone who is impatient discouraged or in despair. It’s the book for those who need courage or direction. I now know that that by making changes in my life on God’s timetable, he hears my heart and makes sense of my self-damaging actions.”
— Helene Stowe

Janet is Masterful
“Contagious Courage brings Janet’s sweet, cheerful, truthful and encouraging voice into our hearts during our 30-day journey with her. My favorite daily entries were Wishful Thinking and Looking Up for the Scent of Peace. Janet has a masterful way of using daily, identifiable personal experiences and turning them into a spiritual principle. The format of the 30-day devotional, with questions at the end of each day and the Declare Out Loud section, is excellent. The questions help us know how to apply that day’s reading and the Declare Out Loud section reminds us that we need to speak truth into our lives. Because Janet stood on the truth of what God says about her, she was able to overcome devastating circumstances. Through reading her book, God enlightened my mind and lightened my heart.”
— Gail Porter, author of Life through Loss


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