(Assume if we are just using two, then we can include on speaking page; if you think we should include more then maybe we link to a testimonials page. And if having just one page, then I don’t believe we need to designate “testimonials from Christian audience or corporate events.”


Testimonials from Christian audiences:

“One thousand people heard Janet’s presentation about overcoming trials. She is fabulous. Her humor, her presence and her powerful testimony all work together to make for an unforgettable event. She will encourage, inspire and transform you.”

—Justin Miller, Lead Pastor, Real Life Christian Church

More testimonials [link to page]


Testimonials from corporate events:

“It was a brilliant decision to invite Janet to keynote our annual conference. A standing ovation thundered around us because she captivated the audience with her inspirational insights. Janet also skillfully wove the lessons into the work and lives of the filmmaking and publishing industry professionals.”

—Angela Breidenbach, Christian Authors Network president