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In these chaotic times, Janet Perez Eckles brings to your listeners and viewers a powerful, first-hand example of Christ’s victorious living in spite of trauma and adversity.

Today, suicide attempts are at an all-time high, fear, anxiety and depression rattle as your listeners and viewers struggle to maintain their emotional and mental health. Janet’s interview inspires as she answers these questions:

How do I overcome the fear and anxiety that keep me awake at night?

Janet shares the path Christ Jesus gave her to reach victory when she faced complete blindness at the age of thirty. This shocking episode was followed by her husband’s painful infidelity. Yet, your audiences are inspired as Janet relates how she trusted in God’s Word and rose above fear and self-pity and ended up shining with a joy-filled triumph.

How do we endure the constant violence that dominates the news?

Janet’s own encounter with the tragic death of her youngest son to violence gives your audience step by step guidance how to face, how to rise above heartache and how to welcome the peace that goes beyond understanding.

How do I deal with injustice and unfairness?

With riveting details, Janet imparts the proven path to face painful injustice and overcome its negative effects. Janet shows your audience how to overcome this heartache as she relates the acquittal of the man responsible for her son’s death. Based on God’s solid truth, she demonstrates the beautiful freedom that forgiveness brings.

How do I overcome loneliness after my broken marriage or relationship?

With transparency, Janet walks your audience through the journey to find a new, God-given beginning. Through her own restoration after the painful failure of her 42-year-marriage, Janet inspires your audience with hope and with a biblical path to conquer loneliness. With engaging details, she relates how God surprised her with a new chance for romance with a Christian man who saw beyond her blindness and took her to the altar to pronounce their wedding vows.

New Book

In Janet’s new release, Now I See: How God’s Amazing Grace Turns Betrayal, Blindness and Heartache to Shining joy, she reveals the secret to live a Christ-centered life, rich with meaning, and success.


“Maybe at this moment you are sitting on the floor with the pieces of your broken heart strewn around you. Turmoil has turned your world upside down, and the flood of tears won’t stop. Answers, healing, solutions, and change are nowhere to be found in the ugly chaos and dark fog of despair.

How do I know? Because I’ve been on that same floor of anguish where desperation was about to eat me for lunch

As you read these pages, we’ll examine how God’s hand brings His promises alive. Not so much for my benefit but for yours. So that you may see how the God of the universe watches the details of our pain. How He collects our tears in a bottle. How He hears our sobs, sees our anguish, and knows yesterday’s regrets. He knows the shame we keep zipped up in the secret compartment of our heart. And He’s so aware of the loneliness, insecurities, and worry that whisper in the silence of our nights.”

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“I was thrilled to have Janet Perez Eckles on my show, Motherhood Talk Radio, with her inspiring and enthralling message to lift our listeners’ spirits. She is funny, engaging, personable and talks about things that give real women real solutions to real answers. She is an inspiration to all of us.”

– Sandra Beck Motherhood Incorporated


“Janet, thank you again for being my guest on ‘Read My Lips’ radio. A guest like you makes my job a pleasure! Your presence is your message. You are an energetic, upbeat, well-spoken, joyous and inspirational guest! My listeners enjoyed your words, your attitude, and ‘the smile in your voice.’ You’re a role model for mastering the challenges that life tosses our way.”

– Randy McClomore, Host of Victorious Living Christian radio WTLN 950 AM


“Janet’s message of hope is powerful and inspiring. She’s energetic, entertaining, and a truly inspirational guest.”

– Debbie Williams, Host of By the Book Radio