Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

“When in the hands of God, our regrets of yesterday turn to beautiful redesigns of tomorrow.”


Nothing like ice-cream on a hot Orlando afternoon. My family and grandchildren headed to Jeremiah’s.

I licked my spoon after dipping it in the strawberry/vanilla combination. “This must be a Christian place, “I said. “It’s named after a prophet in the Bible.”

I was wrong. It was name after a frog (lyrics to a popular song in the 70’s).

How did I miss that? Maybe my mind wasn’t focused on the past. Instead, it’s focused on today—God’s Word relevant and delightfully active today, like refreshing ice cream, sweet to the soul.


This week's video: What a privilege to support  this cause, powerfully moving. Please find out more in this TWO-MINUTE VIDEO.


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