Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

“If barriers appear and perseverance follows, success shows up.”



“I’m stuck again,” I call my computer service rep and complain.

“And each time, he readily accesses the computer remotely and solves the problem. The only issue is that the problem happens a few times each day. And every time, he answers with a cheerful tone, a catering attitude and kindness that’s rare these days.

And when the computer of life malfunctions, God’s reaction is the same. Each time we call, we ask, we complain, we beg. He listens, resolves and reassures.

Any malfunction in your day? Don’t be shy, call upon Him, Him He’s ready to answer.


Janet's Latest Blog Post

05-20-16 no electricity

Three things we must do when our world turns dark.

That short hour the other night without electricity reminded me how wimpy I had become. Back in Bolivia where I was born, electricity and water only lasted till noon. And we adjusted, thought of it as normal and never thought to complain. “Honey!” I called to my hubby the other night, “the phone is dead.” “Everything is dead,” he said. …

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