Monday, October 26, 2020

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Some of you wanted to know how the filming went this past Sunday. Well, there I stood at the counter in my kitchen, sporting my red apron. I had all the ingredients around the food processor before me. The reporter requested my own, healthy recipes. So I chose hummus and homemade Cole slaw.

All went well as I smiled proudly at the camera from time to time while describing the ingredients I carefully added. All was going just fine, until I missed the bowl and plop, I dropped a piece of pineapple on the floor. When that happens, and I’m alone in the kitchen, no problem. I just brush my hand across the floor until I find whatever I drop. But…gulp…this time, cameras were on me.

Sweat began to form on my forehead from nervousness as I tried to find the run-away piece. Then, to my relief, the cameraman said, “Don’t worry, we can edit that out.”

I gave a shy smile and resumed my preparation.

That night I thought about how nice it would be if all our flaws could be so easily edited from our life.

BTW, it will air on Thanksgiving Day on the Telemundo network.

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you wondering about Janet's blog post from Friday, November 20 is, you can find it right HERE on her blog page.


This week’s video:  Speaking of cooking, here I am, preparing the most delicious and healthy dish called “Spicado” salad. It’s one of my “Cooking in the Dark” segments.


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