Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

"The fullness of life requires we first empty ourselves of foolish pride."


How does one say this without appearing boastful or prideful? Well, this past Tuesday, the finalists for the prestigious Don Quijote awards were announced. Imagine my delightful shock when I learned I was one of them in the “Excellence” category. Here I am with the trophy presented to each of the finalists (three in each of the five categories).

Sometimes I think God has a lovely sense of humor. This Bolivian gal who knew true poverty, knew no English, and had to learn to face life's tragedies would be honored in such a meaningful way.

I’ll let you know who the winner is when they make the announcement on December 12 at a gala in EPCOT.


May I pray for you?

Thank you, thank you for sending your requests, I pray for each of them individually. If anyone of you has any requests this week, please send them HERE.


This week’s video: This world is getting darker, more evil and frightening. There is nothing we can do about it…or is there? CHECK OUT this 2-minute video.


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