Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Friday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

Striving for perfection leaves us frustrated;

thriving in God's Word leaves us in His perfect peace."


What's Been Happening


We can’t’ be sure, but many say that October 12 is Columbus Day because back in 1492 he discovered America. But now in 2015, I discovered once again how God can move mountains through the committed hands of volunteers with a heart of gold.

We initiated the campaign for supporters of JC Empowerment, the Christ-centered ministry dedicated to bring the light of Christ to those broken lives, lost in a dark world.

 I invite you to check it out. You’ll see why my heart overflows with gratitude. Click here now.


May I pray for you?

May I pray for you? Let me know through this link.


This one is a very special one. It’s special because it carries with it request: I’d be honored if you shared it with your women’s ministry in your church or with the organization to which you belong. Enjoy. Click here now.


Janet's Latest Blog Post


Peace for the heart: five steps to find it.

I served stir-fried rice, Hawaiian style to our friends who came over for dinner the other night. “We’re planning a trip to London,” they said. “London? How cool. I’ve been there,” I said. The trip was my parent’s college graduation gift. Lots to see, many places to visit. But my 22-year-old mind was impressed by the guard outside Buckingham Palace. …

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