Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Friday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

We can't begin to walk on the path to triumph until we put on the shoes of commitment.


What's Been Happening

We got in the car last Saturday evening, heading out to dinner with our favorite friends. We chatted about fun stuff on the way to the restaurant. And the gift certificate made it even more enjoyable. No bill after the meal!

Well, when we walked in the door, the place was, yikes, loud, I mean really loud. Logically it had to be because it was a sports bar. We asked for a quiet table, and the hostess chuckled. “No such a thing.”

While we munched the yummilicious food, we found ourselves enjoying the football game…and guess who ended up shouting to cheer the team? Yes, we did. It was our table that cheered like everyone around us. Imagine that.

From now on, we’ll just settle in whatever restaurant of life God takes us…it may end up being more fun than we expect.


May I pray for you?

How is your life going? Need prayer? Please send your requests to me here. During my fasting and prayer time, I will lift them individually before the Lord.


Video for the Week

This week’s video: Life stinks sometimes. And the trials seem like they will never end. The setbacks seem constant. But God has the answer.


Janet's Latest Blog Post

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