Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!



How can life get so busy with so many tasks? Looking for the answer will add yet another task. Sigh!

This month I find myself with a long to-do list. So, my friends, whom I love dearly, this month the newsletter is quick and brief as I’m in the midst of preparing for two speaking engagements back to back. One message is titled, Walking in Victory and the other one is: Success—An Inside Job.

In both I hope to convey the reality that to live in victory and to thrive in success, we need to make choices:

• Choose to spend time on what will enrich your life.

• Identify what’s truly necessary.

• Embrace what’s valuable.

• Ponder only on God’s promises.

• Disregard the negative.

• Erase excuses.

• Remove pettiness.

• Delete resentment.

• Welcome an attitude of gratitude.

• And be willing to do what others won’t.



Never too busy to pray for you. Please send me your prayer requests. I pray for each one individually and it's my honor to do so. You can SEND THEM HERE.


Love you all, Janet