Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


What's happening...

Last week, I stepped off the stage after delivering a message to 1,300 women In Quito, Ecuador. A sweet woman grabbed my hand and hugged me tight. “I just had to tell you,” she said, “I came tonight with no expectations. I’m a psychologist and have a different perspective. I’m considered an atheist. But not anymore. I have Christ Jesus in my heart now.”

Nearly in tears, I thanked God for His goodness to touch someone enough to transform her thinking, change her life, and determine her eternal destiny.

You’re reading this newsletter because the No. 1 priority for me is to serve Christ. And in that effort, I pray that He speaks to You right now, in your situation, in your pain, in your difficulty, in your illness…and you can hear Him whisper: I know all the details. And I long to be near you.

My question to you is, “Will you say yes to Him?”


Special note about mental illness.

Mental illness is common, way too common. But in the midst of that dark place a light of hope shines, transforms, and brings victory. The new release, “I Was More than One” by Irene McKain illustrates this in a beautiful way. Here are my own comments after reading her book.

"Disbelief, shock and sorrow grip the heart with each beautifully detailed page of I Was More Than One: A Story of Transformation and Healing. Although the writing defies a well-crafted novel, the reality of the story brings to life the complexity of mental illness. Yet, it highlights the simplicity of God’s grace.

For it’s His grace that plays the melody of hope in each detail of Irene’s journey. She trudged through the darkest valleys, but God lifted her up as if to say, I have a purpose for you.

And that purpose is showcased in this extraordinary story. One which so profoundly illustrates what despair looks like, what courage does, and how triumph is reached."

Find your copy of “I Was More than One” HERE.


Storms are on the horizon.

Here's the first step to calm them.

In Orlando, summer means more tourists, humid weather, tons of traffic, and long lines for each attraction park.

It also means hurricanes, thunder storms, and high winds. Isn’t life like that?

We enjoy attractions in life, but the storms come to disrupt our peace, the winds of uncertainty blow, and we’re left wondering when calmness will reign again.

And it reigns again but only when God’s mercy first calms the storm that rage inside us. The winds of worry, of fear, and anxiety. The same emotions that rumbled inside the disciples.

Then he [Jesus] got into the boat and his disciples followed him. Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We're going to drown!”

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. (Matthew 8:23-25)

Did you read the important step they took? They first followed Jesus. Following Him was the first step and the first action plan.

To bring peace back, we gotta do that, too. To conquer the storms, we have to follow Him first. To calm our heart, we have to take steps toward Him first.

When we follow Him, storms may rage but Jesus will speak. Winds will cease. Waves will stop. Fear will vanish and the sunshine of hope will appear.

If your storm is in full force right now, I pray you invite Jesus into your boat, into your problem, and into your heart.


Take time out for yourself.

I invite you to stop your hectic, hurried life and take time for yourself. Right now, right here. Grab a cup of coffee and relax while your heart takes in this inspiration. Use the link provided to find 60 minutes where God can will speak to you during this segment of my radio program.

Here’s the topic: He was told he only had a few hours to live; they called the family to say good-bye. But God had the last word. Listen to this segment which contains an example of how God performs miracles today. You can find the broadcast right HERE.


Feeling lonely?

Summer is hot, but loneliness can be so cold. HERE'S one of my articles to help you bring a new way to conquer it and usher a new refreshing perspective:



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This month has been one with many prayer requests: broken marriages, financial hardships, ill children, job loss, family conflict, hope gone, and depression. As each one arrives in my inbox, I read them and my heart aches, tears form, and compassion moves my heart. Please send your prayer requests HERE. 

But, here’s the reality: although I’m only human, with flaws and problems of my own, still, I’m deeply touched by each sad situation.

Can you imagine how much a loving God, almighty, all-knowing, and with incomprehensible love must feel when He receives our requests?

If you’re in the middle of that asking-for-answers stage of your life, you can be 100% certain God is listening. He’s moved. He’s reaching out. And He is in the process of working out your answer.

Keep on praying, praising and singing gratitude for what He will do.


Love you all, Janet