Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

Polish the thoughts that fill your mind and your life will shine with peace.


What's Happening

What to wear, what to wear? You gals can identify. I’ll be attending a gala at the end of the month and be giving a brief message. And I planned to wear a hot pink fancy, really fancy dress. Then I thought about jamming it in my suitcase only to have to iron it when I get there. I discarded that idea. Then I thought of another dress…nope, not fancy enough. As I mentally reviewed other options, God tapped a corner of my heart. He seemed to say, what will you wear inside, what attitude will you wear in your heart, your thoughts and your words?

I gave a sheepish grin; forget preparing the fancy dress. Instead, I’ll be packing an attitude of obedience, boldness and commitment to speak the gentle truth with wisdom not only from the platform but also to the person seated beside me.


May I pray for you?

I’ve been spending moments in God’s presence and asking for all your requests. Keep sending them. It’s an honor to pray for each one. You can send them through the contact button on my website or CLICK HERE instead.


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