Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


What's happening this month.

It’s April already. And I’m delighting in the preparation for three talks I’ll be delivering at the South Coast Christian Women's Conference in Brookings, Oregon. Any of you near the area? Would love to see you there. The dates are April 26-27.

And prior to that, the Dove Network will be interviewing me.

What an honor to share insights that illustrate how, no matter how dark life gets, Jesus can take our mess and turn it to a message for others to be inspired to keep going and keep trusting.


My Latest Video

I’m so excited to present to you the first of my new video series: “See What’s Cooking.” This entertaining 7-minute video will introduce you to Ilajwa, a Bolivian Hot Sauce. So, if you’re looking for a little spice, please CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Afterwards, I would love, love your comments. And for you only, as a thank you, I will send you an e-copy of my book: Contagious Courage, Your 30-day Devotional to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety. After watching the video, just send me your comments through the contact page and I’ll email you back your copy of Contagious Courage. You’ll find the CONTACT PAGE here.


Where's my joy?

Did you ever wonder why some people live with joy? Or how they can overcome the deepest heartache and keep going with a full, vibrant life? Got the answer for you. It’s the way they pray. You can find out more by checking out this segment of my live radio show on “Sweet Talk with Janet and Heather.” CLICK HERE


How to bring peace in our turmoil.

Are you kidding? “The aircraft reached its weight limit,” the airline agent said to those of us waiting at the gate “We cannot board any more passengers.”

I knew the plane was small. But I also knew that per ADA regulations, they should have allowed me to board first (not that I’m special or anything, but blind and handicap folks usually hop in the plane first). Secondly, a few hundred women expected my keynote message and I’d have to tell them I couldn’t arrive in time. Gulp.

Not happening. That was my attitude. I gave a prayer of thanks to the Lord. Thanking Him for seeing this glitch through His eyes. Calmness ruled my heart then. I knew it wasn’t about the obstacle, but it was all about God’s close observation of the situation. I trusted, I believed. And after the agent made several offers for credit toward airline tickets, no one budged. But the final offer of $1,500, prompted one man to leave his seat. I smiled as I settled in that plane.

See? It’s not the situation that we get all worked up about. But, it’s about the power of God at work.

Life is like that. If we shift our glance and take in the whole picture, our personal world changes, our attitude shifts and our perception takes on a new angle.

That’s why when facing the pain of disappointment, the heartache of a lonely life, or the airplane of our dreams about to leave without us, it’s all about recovering our peace by taking one important step—changing our focus.

• It’s not the heartache that shatters our world, but Jesus’ power to that overcame it. (John 16:33)

• It’s not the timing of the answer, but the reassurance He heard our request. (Psalm 34:17)
It’s not the uncertainty of tomorrow, but the peace He provides for today. (Philippians 4:4-7)

• It’s not the confusion that sets in, but the clarity we know in Christ. (II Corinthians 5:15-19)

• It’s not the sadness that plagues, but His promises that lift us up. (Romans 8:31)

• It’s not the weight of our burden, but what we’ll do with it. (Matthew 11:25)

• It’s not the size of the problem, but the dimension of God’s power. (Psalm 90)

• It’s not about the task too big to handle, but His presence at every step. (Joshua 1:9)

• It’s not about our sorrow, but the promise He will turn it to joy. (Isaiah 61:3)

• It’s not about the turmoil in our storms, but His peace that will follow. (Mark 4:39)


 Did you know?

God knows what you need, what you feel, how you hurt, where you are, how you feel? Yet, He has a different perspective than yours. His view is different and supernatural. His approach ushers victory, brings calmness and puts peace back.

Here’s the question:  What will you choose? To focus on the gloom of your situation or the glory that His promises bring?

Pray with me:   Father, grant me a new perspective. Show me the path to look beyond what my eyes see, and help me to perceive the truth in Your Word instead.



As always, it’s my honor to pray for you and with you. Please SEND ME your prayer requests.


I pray that what will rule your life will be clarity in your thinking, wisdom in your decisions, and joy to fill your days.