Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Fear settles in, only when doubt opens the door.


What's Happening

I had a glorious time at the conference I just attended for authors and speakers. “I was so moved,” a friend whispered to me. “Your friend Cindi leads you from place to place. She knows just how to do it. And you fully trust in her assistance.”

I grinned big as she mentioned that’s how the Holy Spirit leads us, particularly when we’re blind, unable to see the next step. So we trust, believe and keep hanging on to His arm of grace.

(Photo: Janet, pictured with keynote speaker Chonda Pierce, was the recipient of the BEYOND ME award. Blog post to follow this Friday with more details.)


May I pray for you?

May I pray for you? Thank you, thank you for giving me the privilege of lifting your requests before the Lord. Those of you who have sent your requests to me, please be certain that I am fasting and praying for each and every one of them. Got any requests this week? Please send them through the contact button on my website. Just CLICK HERE to send them in.


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