Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Sharing a bit of encouragement...

“Every day I thought of a way to end my life. I hated what was happening. I was out of control and all the bad things in my life were controlling me. A friend gave me a copy of your book, Simply Salsa. Each page and chapter made so much sense! Honestly, I was never a person to read the Bible, but you changed that. I look in the mirror now and see a different woman. Bad stuff happened to me, but my life didn’t have to look bad anymore. All changed for me.”

 What a privilege to have God touch your heart through my writing. And to allow it to bring a new path for your life. A new outlook for the New Year. And a new kind of hope for a brighter season. You can get your own copy of Simply Salsa are waiting for you HERE.


How to avoid disappointment.

Would you agree? Each New year brings a renewed desire to start again. And in the process, we want to leave the old behind, look for a change, and hope for the best to show up.

Does that ever happen? Sometimes. But often we don’t get what we want. To avoid disappointment, I invite you to try a different approach. How about…

• Instead of looking for healing, we praise God for what He has already healed.

• Instead of longing for a new relationship, we revive our relationship with Christ first.

• Instead of looking for financial freedom, we rejoice in the provision of He who owns it all.

• Rather than looking to fill what we lack, we look around to what we already have.

• Instead of wishing someone would change, we begin a change in us.

• Instead of staying up worrying at night, we declare victory at the start of each day.

• Instead of anguishing the past, we anticipate a new tomorrow.

• And finally, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, we resolve to seek God first.

I join you in praising God for what He has done in Your life. For the moments you thought you were alone, but He was holding you in His hands. For the times you thought sorrow would never end, but you began to trust. And for the uncertainty that threatened to worry you, but you embraced the certainty of His delicious love.

I won’t wish you a Happy New Year, as happiness changes. Instead, I pray for joy that fills your days and reassurance to fill your nights.


An Award?

A couple of weeks ago, I stood on that large stage at the World ShowPlace in Disney’s EPCOT. My heart beat fast as the award I received was more than I ever dreamed possible.

Here is a description of the award presented to me: The lifetime achievement award recognizes an individual who has made significant and lasting contributions to the development and empowerment of the Hispanic community in Central Florida. This year the honor goes to Janet Perez Eckles. She is an award-winning interpreter, as well as an author, mentor, ministry leader, radio host, and missionary, spreading her empowering message from Central Florida to South America. In addition to thriving in her award-winning career and despite her blindness, Janet has a deep passion and commitment to serve others and help them see the best of life.

As I gave my acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, God whispered, “For man it may be impossible, but for God all things are possible.”

See of you agree with me as you watch this 11-minute VIDEO:


Happy Birthday

 My sweet mom turned 90 this month. Her secret? Find joy in all things, show that joy and it will come right back to you.

 Here she is at 4’9: and 93 lbs…tiny to some but a giant in my life.


Should insecurities try to come in, you have the weapon to conquer them. Here’s a 2-MINUTE VIDEO to illustrate this.


Moving Forward

Another year and another reason to be grateful for you my friends, my family and my readers. I feel rich by your support. May God see you to the other side of adversity, and usher you to taste the sweet victory he prepared for you



Similar to beginning a new day, we can begin the New Year like the psalmist, lifting our voies to the Lord and placing our requests before Him. My blessing is to join you in that effort. It is my joy to pray for you. Please SEND ME your prayer requests.


Until next month...Janet