Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

Gratitude is the dressing on the salad of life.


What's Happening

While attending a great speakers and authors conference here in Orlando, I relished in chatting with friends from long ago and making new ones. But in the midst of all the action, an ugly friend called insecurity sat beside me. I was surrounded by illustrious and accomplished authors who reach heights far beyond what I could dream. I fought a blend of envy and jealousy. But then God tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to my heart. “Didn’t you say that in there you keep gratitude?” Gulp. I did. I definitely had stored large amounts of gratitude. I smiled. And insecurity left. Delight came in and a deep appreciation for what God had done for me danced in my soul. (Photo: Janet was a presenter on the use of technology, specifically video.)


I'm praying for you.

Each week some of you send your prayer needs. Be certain that I diligently lift those requests one by one before the God of the universe. What can I pray for you this week? Please send your request through the contact button on my website. Just CLICK HERE to send your request.


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