Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Friday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

There are no problems when we tap into God's power present within us.


What's Happening

 I've been sitting at my desk, Bible file open on my computer because I need to create a message for a group of professionals for an upcoming speaking engagement. They expect inspiration--a message that will resonate with them, illustrations about how to overcome obstacles, and practical steps to reach professional success as well as motivation to conquer fear. How will I manage that?

Then God smiled at me and said to share what he's done for me.

So there you have it. I'm repeating how His power, grace, and might brought me from the pit of darkness to the glory of His light. And in that light it's you who shines bright as part of my inspirational family.


I'm praying for you.

Have any prayer requests? Please allow me the privilege of praying for you. I will personally pray and together we'll seek God's answer. Just click here to send your request.


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