Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Happy Tuesday reader!


Hi there to all my faithful friends whom I love and cherish. Thank you for reading these insights and thank you for your kind words that make my life brighter. Thank you for trusting me with your prayer requests; they keep me on my knees on your behalf. And thank you also for forwarding these newsletters or blogs to your friends.

I treasure each of you.


Words of encouragement for Mother’s Day.

Mothers are the sunshine that appears between the clouds of sadness. A mother’s guilt is built; God’s forgiveness tears it down. Mothers enjoy each season when seasoned with God’s promises. Worrying robs a mother’s sleep; trusting God robs their anxiety. Let go of your children’s future, for in God’s hands is each of their tomorrows. Our children’s disappointments are the way God redirects their paths. Their failures are often ways that God molds their character. God’s wisdom helps moms determine the difference between rescuing and enabling. Be grateful for their setbacks as God is setting up something great for them. When faith replaces fear, joy comes back. A mother’s tears of pain stir God’s heart. Her tears of thanks make Him smile. Happy Mother’s Day!


What's New

Do you own Bitcoins?

That was the question that sparked my curiosity. And when I looked into it, I regretted not investing in them.

Not sure if it’s true but those who invested even $100 years back are now seeing millions in return. Wow! How could a currency increase with so much value?

Who knows? But more important than striving for our possessions to increase, is to question how can we, ourselves gain value? How can our worth increase?

The answer is simple; our life’s value increases each time we surrender to God’s will. We leave behind worthless notions of despair, discouragement and disappointment. Leaving aside our own will, we let His will prevail, increasing our worth, enriching our value, and multiplying our blessings.

Will you invest in the ever-increasing power of God’s promises?


Time for the next book.

My agent and I spoke recently and he liked the idea of my next book. I’ll be writing on how one can live with success in the midst of pain. How one can enjoy peace in the midst of chaos. And how one can find joy when the journey is dark.

But if you have any other ideas to add, there's still time to send them in. Better yet, what would you like to read in a book? Any suggestions? Any ideas? Any questions you need answered? Send your comments HERE.


It’s been a while since I included a video for you. Hope you enjoy THIS ONE. In the chaos of life, a moment of inspiration is what our soul needs


Listen Up

HERE'S A LINK to one of my radio shows. A gift to you during your moments away from the hectic world—be inspired and encouraged. You’ll find how God is guiding you today.


Have you reached rock bottom?

Here’s a quote that spoke to me: “Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you will discover He is the Rock at the bottom.” Tony Evans

Oh, how that was meant for me. Years ago, I sunk at the bottom of the puddle of pain. Then I found Jesus extending His hand to me. He lifted me up. He scrubbed the spots of pain. And placed me in a shelter with a fresh beginning.


Speaking to Your Group

Tears, laughter and inspiration are the ingredients served to my audiences each time I speak.

In the midst of stress and fear, might you and your group be ready to be empowered?

Contact me and we’ll plan an event for women in your church—luncheon, retreat or evening of fun and encouragement.

Let’s chat about it: Office: 407.855.1565 Or: janet@janetperezeckles.com  Don’t forget to ask about your compensation with the referral program.


Praying for You

As always, I have been praying for specific requests and as I do, I let you know individually. What joy to join in that effort to tug at God’s heart for answers. Please send your requests to me HERE.


Excited About This

A lovely friend created inspirational videos using the contents of my third book Hola, Happiness: Dancing to the Melody of God’s Word. SHARING ONE of them with you here (just 30-seconds long). Let me know what you think.


And finally...

May this spring season hold blessings that bloom in your life. May, the freshness of each morning renew your soul and the warmth of God’s love embrace your heart.