Saturday, November 28, 2020

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A Note from Janet's Heart


A few weeks ago, again, our country was shocked with grief as violence struck. High school students, teachers and coaches headed to their routine day at school, never suspecting that would be their last day on earth.

Initially, the media related the devastating details. But soon, other more current news overshadowed that sorrowful incident.

And it’s that very same sorrow that is painfully familiar to me and my family. If you’ve not faced such grief, maybe today as you read this, your life has gone back to the same routine you had a few weeks ago.

But the families of the victims can’t go back to a routine. Instead, they’re sobbing on each other’s shoulders, wishing the nightmare weren’t real.

But the reality is the new unwanted “normal” without their loved one is marked by deep pain. The kind of pain that threatens to stay there forever.

But it doesn’t. When my family and I walked down that dark valley of loss, God gave us a word that lifted that gloom. It was called hope. The hope that brings peace. The promise that points to God. The word that gives a new sense of anticipation for healing and for restoration.

After our 19-year-old son, Joe was violently killed, our hope in the Lord turned to trust. Our trust turned to expectation. Our expectation turned to faith. And our faith opened the door for restoration.

That’s what we need to pray for those victims. For restoration of their life. For the renewal of their faith. And for the rebuilding of their trust.

Heartache can consume us, the emptiness aches and disbelief attacks, “But the eyes of the LORD are in those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love” (Psalm 33:18)


Praying for you.

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Each time God blesses me with a kind word, I feel like dancing with joy. These are two comments from a person in the audience after I delivered one of my inspirational talks:

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