Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Friday reader!


A Note from Janet's Heart

My birthplace of La Paz, Bolivia is surrounded by mountains. It’s the highest capital in the world, and because of its altitude, the bright blue skies are a shade seldom seen anywhere else. At night the stars seem so close, one could touch them.

But along with those memories, I remember how folks complained because Chile took our outlet to the sea, leaving our country land-locked. And because of this, the victim mentality was instilled in us during our school years.

But now Bolivia faces a more devastating issue. The government is planning a way to make any Christian, Catholic or Evangelistic activity to be considered on the same level as a criminal violation.

Should this be put into effect, Bolivia would be the first country in South America to eradicate religious freedom.

I sighed deeply when I read this news. Bolivia is a country where people are happy, celebrate life and live with simplicity. That’s the country where I went back some years ago to minister to folks who were hurting, lost, and in desperate situations.

But now without a place to worship, to be discipled, to be taught and shown the power of Jesus, what will happen?

Maybe a more important question would be: what happens to us here in the United States? In this great country where we still have the freedom to worship. The freedom to listen to Christian music. The freedom to gather together, purchase Bibles, resources and evangelize

I’m guilty. I often take all that for granted. I assume I’ll be free to attend church on Sundays, hold Bible studies and listen to Christian music any time at all.

Folks in Bolivia did too. But soon it might be yanked away.  Missionaries will be exiting, leaving a spiritual desert with thirsty souls, prevented from hearing the Good News.

Two things: I invite you to ponder on the privilege we still have in the U.S. and second, pray and praise God for the way He will defeat the enemy. And for His power to protect His warriors in Bolivia who are defending the Word and spreading the Gospel.


Praying for you.

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