Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy Tuesday reader!


Video of the Week: 

We can be like waves in the ocean and flounder or we can be wise, secure, and successful. Check out this BRIEF VIDEO.



I remember years ago during Thanksgiving, emotional indigestion attacked me.

Crazy reason: I felt inadequate. Was the turkey tasty, too dry? Were my decorations enough? Did I have everyone’s favorites? Or did I present enough variety of pies? Sigh!

Now, it’s a precooked turkey, all fixings are homemade, that is, made at the home of our favorite store.

No more emotional indigestion now, Life is easier. More time to enjoy the good stuff of life. And though the meal is simpler, each family member, including me, is filled with more joy.


 Trivia Contest

Thanks to all who participated these past two months.  And special thank you to those of you didn’t fail in sending an answer to each trivia question. I’m so impressed!

And the winner is…drum roll…Nydia Ortiz! (Please send me your address for your Chick Filet gift card.)

You might be the next winner. Here is the trivia question:

Fill in the blank: “Give _________ to the LORD, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.” (Hint: 1 Chronicles 15)

To be included in the drawing, visit Janet’s website (janetperezeckles.com/), find her contact page and use the form to submit your answer. Afterwards, stay awhile and let Janet inspire you a little more.


Praying for You


With so much violence and heartache in our country, we join our prayers, asking for God’s protection. And if you have any personal request, it would be an honor to pray for you.  Please send your requests HERE.


Best Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe

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