Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!


Video of the Week:  What is the secret to live free from burdens? Find out in this TWO-MINUTE VIDEO.


I’m getting ready to speak to a powerful group of women at Pabellon de la Victoria church in Orlando this Saturday. The title of the talk is “In God’s Presence.” I’ll be illustrating the presence of God in moments of tragedy, in moments when our world seems to fall apart, and even when we doubt if He’s there. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to share each of the above from my personal experiences. I pray you sense God’s presence right beside you this week no matter what you’re going through.


Challenge Question for the Week

When the prophet Nathan visited David and told him the story of the sheep, who was Nathan referring to?

Send me the correct answer through my CONTACT PAGE to be entered into the drawing for a $10 gift certificate for Chick Fil A (U.S. residents only please).


Praying for You

It's an honor to pray for your requests. Please send them HERE.


Walking in Your Own Shoes

Hey my dear friends, isn’t variety a great thing? Well, this month of October I bring you just that. I invite you to enjoy writings from my friends. They’ll stir your heart, bring fresh inspiration and uplift your day. Who are you? And for whom are you living? Kolleen answers these questions with a Cinderella-kind of story. October 6, 2017 …

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