Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Video of the Week:  What we plant in the heart produces the fruit in our life. For you, a TWO-MINUTE video.


 The temperature was 91; rain was in the forecast. But Hubby and I took the grandkids to the farm anyway. They enjoyed petting and feeding the sheep, goats, and pigs. They rode the ponies, held the chicks, and gazed at huge ostriches and buffaloes. They were mesmerized by the whole experience.

Conversely, I spent most of the time holding my nose—the odor near the cows and other four-legged animals in blistering heat seemed to attack me.

Isn’t life like that? The same surroundings affect us differently. The choice is ours. What are you choosing right now? Are you altered by bad smalls of life, or enjoying the good things that surround you?


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“If you spend your days looking for happiness around you, you’ll miss the joy Christ placed inside you.”


Praying for You

I’m receiving your requests for prayer according to Matthew 18:19. Please send them HERE.


What to do when life gets complicated.

July 21, 2017   Sometimes we wake up, expecting a day just like any other. And, with no warning life gets complicated. Then what happens? I was flying home to Orlando from Chicago. Seated beside me in the plane was a little girl. I turned toward her. “Are you traveling by yourself?” “Uh huh.” “What a brave girl,” I said. …

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