Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Monday reader!


Video of the Week:  She’s blind! She has no business picking out her own clothes. Check out this one-minute VIDEO and tell me if you agree.


I prayed silently for rain. Florida has been so dry. And the next day, when I heard raindrops hit my patio window, I couldn’t believe it.

We do that sometimes, don’t we? We pray, but doubt. We ask, but question the answer. And when it happens, we cannot believe the results.

Working on deepening my faith lately. How about you?


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Joy is like a treasure chest, you have the key. And you don't need to have a perfect day to open it.”


Praying for You

Send your prayer requests at this LINK. It’s my privilege to join you in asking the Lord for your situation.  


How to be the best friend ever.

(May 05, 2017)   Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo anyway? I called a friend from Mexico and asked her. “Who knows,” she says, “it’s just fun to have an excuse for a fiesta.” But when I celebrate, I know the reasons. Here are some of them: First, my friend, who has been there for me for years, always …

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