Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Video of the Week: When winter’s ice and snow cover most of the country, what do we do in the heat of heartache? Find out in this ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


A friend wrote me and said, “I just threw out that silly resolution to eat healthy this year.”

She lasted three weeks or so with no junk food. But when a friend asked her to share a pizza, she gave in and that moment of weakness began the down spiral to the old ways.

Have you done that? Here’s a new strategy: Rather than make a resolution for a full year, try making a goal for that day, for that moment or for that season.

But most important is to invite Christ to be your coach to accompany you. He’ll provide the power for the day, and the strength for the moment.


 Words of Inspiration

"Often when the journey is the hardest, the reward will be the highest.”


May I pray for you?

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Three truths to keep you from giving up.

(January 20, 2017) I can’t help it, I’m just nosy as can be. During one of the events in my trip to Cuba, I sat beside one of the ministry leaders. “What part of Cuba do you come from?” I asked. “Santiago de Cuba,” she said with joy in her voice. As I shooed flies and fanned myself to create …

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