Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Big News

Super excited to have my talk in Missouri broadcasted live on Facebook this Thursday, November 3 at 7:30 p.m. (EST). Will you help me get the word out? Please let others know, especially those who might need uplifting and inspiration.

The title of the 40-minute presentation is “Living with Unshakeable Courage, Strength and Confidence."

Here is my Facebook page.


Video of the Week: Does God know the fasion of your insecurities? Does He provide the right size of solution for your problems? You'll find the answer here in this THREE-MINUTE VIDEO.


October is a special month for us. Something unique about our family is that out of all nine of us (including great grandparents and great grandkids) we have birthdays clustered in three times of the year.

January: my mom, my middle son and my grandson.

End of June and beginning of July: my daughter-in-law, my oldest son and my Dad.

October: hubby, me and my granddaughter.

We told my middle son, Jeff, to find a gal whose birthday fits in one of those three groups (big smile).

How do we celebrate? All nine of us head to Bonefish Grill, our favorite place for dinner. I order the salmon with extra mango and pesto sauce.


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Physical blindness is an inconvenience; spiritual blindness is a tragedy.”


May I pray for you?

What an honor to pray on your behalf. Might you have a request? Please send it HERE.


You Asked...Janet Answered

Hi all, My name is Cindi and I’m one of Janet’s ministry helpers. We’ve worked together for years and when you read one of these blog posts, I’m the one who posted it and sent the newsletter that comes to your inbox. (What? You’re not a newsletter subscriber but found this blog by some other means? Well, my friend, why …

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