Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Video of the Week: When life hurts and the heart is broken, something remains the same, true, and so delightfully reassuring. Find out in this TWO-MINUTE VIDEO.


You won’t believe what happened this week over sixty years ago. My Mom was in labor in La Paz, Bolivia and Gene, my hubby’s Mom was also in labor but in St. Louis Missouri.

Both moms gave birth. Gene was born 12 hours before me. And how could a girl born in the Andes and a boy born at the shores of the Mississippi River meet and end up married 40 years? I think it’s God’s plan…or maybe His sense of humor!


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Blame serves no purpose; it only intensifies the pain.”


May I pray for you?

Thank you for the privilege of praying for you. Continue to send your prayer requests HERE.

Matted Mess

Three promises to be set free from the snare of stress

VIDEO OF THE WEEK SNEAK PEEK           He was trembling. She was stuck; couldn’t move because her hair was so matted down, it prevented her from moving her legs. These two puppies were found alone, lost, hungry, trembling under a truck. My friend adopted them, cleaned and fed them. He no longer trembles, and she’s …

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