Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday reader!


Video of the Week:  Loneliness is only a word; it has a meaning but not a reality. For you, a ONE-MINUTE VIDEO.


Wait a minute! Take a closer look. What is he drinking out of? Not a glass or a cup, but a measuring cup.

I don’t judge him. I’ve done the same, drank from the wrong thing: from past mistakes, harsh words said long ago, guilt, regret and even shame. But I realized it was the wrong container when Jesus offered His living water from the cup of His love.

And that became a sweet, refreshing power for my soul!


 Janet's Words of Inspiration

 “What happens to us must not alter what happens inside of us.”


May I pray for you?

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Menu of life

Your security depends on what you choose from the menu.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK SNEAK PEEK: CLICK HERE I sat at a large table among friends at a restaurant famous for its delicious Bar-B-Q. The smell would make anyone’s mouth water. We laughed, made comments and oohed and aahed at the menu items. And since I don’t eat red meat, I tasted delicious moments with dear friends instead. I looked …

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