Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Words of Inspiration

“No harm in having things, unless those things have you.”

--- Chuck Swindol


Based on the attached picture, I asked myself, “Did I overdo the teaching when I told this beautiful granddaughter of mine not to be afraid?”


Get that body smiling with good food, with great stuff that will give you energy and zest. HERE'S A VIDEO giving you one option to do just that.


May I pray for you?

Your prayer requests just touch my heart. And I commit to pray for them individually. Please continue to send them HERE.


Janet's Latest Blog Post

08-05-16 flat tire

What if things get worse? Where do we find reassurance?


The sound was awful, the heat unbearable and the tummies were empty. That describes our ride home from a theme park with the grandkids this past Saturday. The sound came from the rear of the car. We had traveled a few miles and were in the middle of nowhere. The heat read …

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