Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

"Opportunity doesn’t knock only once. It remains there until wisdom opens the door.”


I started a fun video series called “Cooking in the Dark.” The videos will be in English and Spanish.

And you have me dancing again with happiness. My book “Contagious Courage: Your 30-day to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety” just came out in Spanish. Title: “Vivir con Valentia.” Here’s the link in case you know someone who is down and discouraged…this is the perfect gift to brighten their life.




Sometimes I do something a tad zany. And this time it turned out, well…interesting. Here it is, thumbs up or down?” Take a PEAK.


May I pray for you?

I take all your prayer requests to heart and pray for them all. Please send them HERE.


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“I need my Xanax,” a woman said in the waiting room as we waited for my mom’s doctor appointment. “I can’t take the bad news anymore. The horrible stuff all around is too much.” Although I didn’t comment because she was talking to the person beside her, I reflected on what she said. It’s true that we’re living in hard …

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