Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy Tuesday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Embrace the setbacks of today because often the dark stages we pass through become pathways to a brighter tomorrow."


With backpack filled with snacks and bottles of water, hubby and our two grandkids filed through the entrance to Legoland. And what do we encounter first? A roller coaster which sent the little ones into the excitement mode.

They pulled my hand. “C’mon, Nana, you have to come with us!”

This blind Nana does not do roller coasters. But I wasn’t quick enough with my excuse.

“Nana,” my six-year-old grandson said, “you don't have to be afraid, and Papa is going to sit right next to you.”

And he did. I shook, and jerked from side to side as the ride took sharp turns, rose up and came down again. But, I smiled because I was beside my strong hubby.

If you happen to be on the roller coaster of life, shaken up with heartache or worry, God is beside you, strong enough for you to hold on to so you can feel secure.


Video: When life seems lonely, empty of joy and we’re  in the midst of an ocean of problems, God has a message FOR YOU.


May I pray for you?


I pray for each request individually. What an honor it is for me. I want to thank you for trusting me with your difficult circumstances and requests for prayer. I lift them up with diligence and faith. Please continue to send them HERE.


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