Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy Saturday reader!


Janet's Words of Inspiration

“Finding yourself isn’t as important as finding the source of your fear."


This message from a friend took my breath away. She was recently diagnosed with last stages of leukemia. And she writes:

“My heart has been blessed. My mind is at peace, my direction for ministry is more clear. God heard and is answering. Thank you. I do have a spirit of joy and peace. Even laughter! I smile thinking I get to go to Heaven first. I’ve always loved winning a race. Ha! I’ll beat you there! In reality, I’m not giving up and I am trusting for a miraculous healing and that God will continue to teach me lessons I can share with the world. What a thrill it is to be a servant of the King!”

After reading this note from her, I reflected on my reaction should a doctor tell me I only have a few months to live. How about you? How would you react?


Does God perform miracles today? Here’s your answer (note: this video is longer than the usual 2-minute one I create, but I think it will touch your heart): THE TOUCH OF SKIN


May I pray for you?

I pray for each request individually. What an honor it is for me. Please send your requests through this LINK.


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